Customer Recommendations

"Dan’s eBook on Marketing Automation served as my compass in an otherwise daunting search for the right solution for our company. Dan’s overview helped me understand the market and who the major players are. The profiles of each platform helped me narrow down which platforms might be the right fit and served as a launch point for those I wanted to research further. His 9 points to consider when selecting a vendor have been especially valuable in differentiating the different platforms. I highly recommend this eBook to anyone exploring Marketing Automation. Thanks Dan!"

Susan Simoes
Senior Marketing Manager
Skylight Healthcare

"Dan Freeman created the Marketing Automation eBook, an insightful industry review based on extensive research and his experience. Organizations looking for a solution can use the eBook for a thorough understanding of the industry and its different vendors in order to make a solid decision on which solution to use for their needs."

Dan Radu
Marketing Automation / CRM Consultant

“I found Dan’s white paper on marketing automation to be very  informative and a great source of information to understand the dynamics of that important marketing function. I enjoyed reading it a lot and highly recommend it!”

Adlane Fellah